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I had a problem with my Honda Fit while returning from work on a Friday afternoon. Since AIS is on my home, I decided to go straight to the shop. Jim took a quick test drive with me in my car and recommended that I leave the car at the shop so they could work on it first thing the next morning (Jim drove me home). My car was fixed and back to me by 1 PM on Saturday. You're not going to find that kind of customer service, quick turnaround and care from any other shop around, certainly not the Honda dealers. I highly recommend AIS to all my friends and to anyone who wants the peace of mind that they are getting treated honestly and fairly.

Thanks, Jim!!!



I have been taking my two older vehicles to Auto Inspection Service for several years now. Being older vehicles, more maintenance is required, so I have taken both vehicles to Auto Inspection Service several times. Every time, without exception, my experience has always been a positive one. The staff is courteous and friendly. The time it takes for the staff to fix a problem has always been quick. They will always call me and explain what the problem is and how much it will cost before doing any work. There are never any surprises or extra charges when I pick my vehicle up.  Finding a good mechanic is difficult enough, finding a great mechanic that you can trust is even a rarer fine. I recommend Auto Inspection Service to all my friends and do so with full confidence that they will be treated with honesty and respect.



I've spent years struggling with mechanics that give you the run around, make up problem or fees, and are just generally out to rip you off. Auto Inspection Services is the complete opposite of this. Every time I have been here their staff is very courteous, helpful, and are constantly trying to give me a better deal, good advice, or free coupons for future services. The service has always been quick and thorough. I recommend them to everyone!



I highly recommend Auto Inspection Services. They are honest, reliable, and stand behind their work 100%. This company truly values customer care and service and they go over and above what you will find at other repair shops. They have highly skilled technicians who know how to accurately diagnose and repair problems, even those that are difficult to resolve. For example, I had an electrical problem with my vehicle that two other repair shops were unable to diagnose and yet AIS found and corrected the problem in one visit! You will be pleased to find that this company is totally committed to excellence and integrity. I strongly encourage you to give them a try. You will not be disappointed!



I took advantage of the vehicle pick up service from Auto Inspection Service and they were amazing. The showed up exactly on time to pick up my vehicle from my own driveway. I had a wish list of items to be performed on my vehicle including (brake light, squeaky belt, AC, Spark Plugs, Oil Leak) Jim and his team took great care of me keeping me abreast of everything and I value their communication. They were honest and candid in every approach and you don't find that often in a mechanic. I would recommend Auto Inspection Service to everyone I know that has a foreign vehicle and wants that one on one focused care for the vehicle. It really was a great experience handing my keys to Jim ... they have integrity and stellar service!!!!



Thank you guys again for taking such good care of me and my car. Especially on such short notice and being the day after Christmas. I just wanted to send you a copy of the e-mail I sent out to my friends and co-workers! You did a great job and I really appreciate it!


Hey, if you need your car, truck, van, SUV, or rocking horse worked on I know the place!! Well…. Maybe not the rocking horse…. But if it has an engine and gets you from one place to another these guys will take good care of you!

Auto Inspection Service out in Ostrander, OH is the place to go! They fit me in last minute, made me a hell of a deal, and not only exceeded my expectations, but they exceeded my needs! I have never been happier to have my car worked on ever! Usually I leave a mechanic feeling like I got screwed, but this time I left feeling like I had sex! I needed a cigarette and some Chinese food!

Not only did they save me roughly $400, but they cleaned my windows and mirrors!! Ostrander might be a little bit of a drive for you, but it is well worth it!! If you need some work done on your automobile, Jim and Brooksy will take good care of you!! They might even tell you where to take your rocking horse!


These guys rock!!

Chris Dylan
WLVQ Night Show
On Air 7pm - 12am
Wilks Broadcasting, Columbus, OH
280 North High Street, 10th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Jim, September 28, 2008

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the assistance last week. Being stranded at the gas station is no fun at all, and we certainly were glad to be able to get in touch with you, on a Sunday no less. Your advice helped me get on the road and to the parts store, where I got a new battery and was back on the road in an hour. This sure beat calling triple A and having the car towed somewhere. My wife and I are certainly grateful for your assistance and have been nothing but pleased with the service we have received from Auto Inspection Service.

Thanks Again,
Jeff Boyles
August 8, 2008


My name is Jeff Ungerer. I am the Chemistry teacher at Fairbanks High School, and I have been a customer at Auto Inspection Service for three years. My family moved from Columbus to Ostrander in 2003. At the time, we had three vehicles, each with over 100,000 miles. Although I am able to make many repairs, it was important for us to find a local mechanic that could deliver honest, reliable, and quality work when needed.

My first experience with Auto Inspection Service was in 2005 when a local dealership had serviced a "Check Engine" light. They replaced an EGR valve. One week later, the "Check Engine" light came on again. Having had frustrating experiences with this dealership previously, I called Auto Inspection Service to diagnose the problem. The problem was that the dealership had replaced the EGR valve without replacing the old gasket and tube. 30,000 miles and 3 years later, the "Check Engine" light has not engaged in that vehicle since Auto Inspection Service performed that minor repair.

I have many stories about the honest, reliable, quailty work that I have had performed at Auto Inspection Service over the last three years, but I hope that I can condense it into one. On July 23, 2008, I started a vehicle that sounded like a jet engine. From the sound, I knew that I had a massive exhaust leak near the manifold or the catalytic converter. My dad, who is a retired mechanic, was at our home visiting at the time. The next day, my dad and I got under the vehicle to discover that the tail pipe had separated from the catalytic converter. We needed a 2.5" to 2.25" coupler and clamps to reattach it.

I called Auto Inspection Service. Jim Carpenter said, "Come on over. We'll make one for you." Brooksy made us a perfect coupling within minutes. While we were waiting, we talked with Joe. As we were driving away, my dad said, "Jeff, I've never seen exhaust pipe with this quality -- ever." On our drive home, my dad started talking about his observations at Auto Inspection Service -- a son working with his father, a place that does honest, reliable, quality work. The more he talked, the more I knew that, although I've only had great experiences at Auto Inspection Service, I got approval from a man that I consider a genius -- my dad. Should you have a question about a vehicle -- be it one that you own or are considering owning -- I would, strongly, encourage you to call Jim Carpenter. I am an Auto Inspection Service customer for life.

Jeff Ungerer
"Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you're right."
Chemistry Teacher
Fairbanks High School


Jim, September 11, 2008

Auto Inspection Service has been servicing my three vehicles for a few years. We have been very pleased with the service and always feel that we are treated fairly. When I leave with my vehicle I am confident it's fixed. They have let me know what needs to be fixed and also what doesn't need to be fixed. We recently had an issue with overheating of our van right before heading on a two week trip. I called Jim in the evening and he had me bring it in the next day. The vehicle was out by 3 pm the same day and ran great for the trip. 

I would highly recommend the services of Auto Inspection Service.

Jason Comstock
US Microsoft SBSC Advisory Group Member
Clarity Technology Solutions, LLC


Dear Jim, August 26, 2008

The first time I used Auto Inspection Services for my Mercedes, it was on the advice of a friend who said Jim Carpenter would give you an honest estimate, do outstanding work and get the car done on time. The estimate was exact, the work was done quickly and the quality was excellent. The dealership had given me an estimate 14 times greater than what AIS charged me. Now that is a value!

The short drive to Ostrander, OH is well worth the time, so when I needed brakes, I called Jim. His work was excellent and the price beat the dealer by hundreds.

While his technicians installed my brakes, I was able to get some work done while I waited in his clean, quiet, comfortable waiting room.

The difference that AIS offers goes beyond value and quick and excellent work; it is honesty and caring. Jim runs a great business but he goes beyond the business relationship for his customers, for his employees and for his suppliers. Simply, everybody likes Jim. Jim is a great human being and I will recommend that anyone who needs work on their car drive to Auto Inspection Services for top quality service and value.

Best regards,

R. P. Hitzemann
CompuTek International

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