• Richwood is a quaint village with a diverse, though small population at the intersecting State Highways 37 and 47.
  • Officially laid out and founded in 1832 by Philip Plummer, all of the graveled roads were properly completely two years later in 1834.
  • About four decades later, the village consisted of several factories and stores, three churches, a newspaper, two banks and a school-house.
  • The village of Richwood had electricity by 1915.
  • Like many other villages, towns and cities in surrounding area, Richwood has a rich history of manufacturing. The early village was home to many mills and tile manufacturers.
  • The village’s newspaper, The Richwood Gazette, has been around since 1872.
  • The village is the home of the North Union School District, named the Wildcats as a nod to one of the early forms of currency given out by local banks. Today’s Richwood Banking Company being one of the few that have endured.
  • Richwood has produced both a U.S. Congressman and an influential teacher of the Bahá'í Faith by the name of Martha Root.