Auto Repair for Hilliard residents we take quite seriously. Hilliard has a long and rich history and we are proud to provice the professional and high quality auto service that Hilliard residents have come to expect. 

  • In September of 1853 John Hilliard platted 200 lots on his ten acres of farm land and called it Hilliard's Station. John Reed Hillard never actually lived in Hilliard.
  • The town grew around the railroad route because it was ideal for shipping agricultural products and receiving supplies.
  • The train transported residents of Hilliard to Columbus and Plain City.
  • The first Post Office was established in 1854 and the word Station was removed from the towns name. Many residents of Hilliard still called it Hilliard Station until 1960 when it became a City.
  • Ralston and Kirkpatrick built a steam saw mill in 1854.
  • The Village of Hilliard was incorporated in July of 1869.
  • The population of Hilliard in 1869 was 280.
  • A railroad station was built in 1886 west of Main Street on the North side of the tracks.
  • The Hilliard Power and Light Company was the first utility in Hilliard in 1915.
  • The Fishinger Flour Mill relocated to hilliard in 1915.
  • In 1916 the lumber yard opened next to the rail road.
  • Riddle and Wood constructed a grain elevator near the rail road in 1917.
  • The rail road accommodated passengers until 1944 and freight until 1962.
  • The first subdivisions were build in Hilliard in the 1950's. This was the start of explosive growth for the town.
  • In December 1960 the Village of Hilliard became a City.
  • The population of Hilliard in 1960 was 5,633.
  • By 1967 Hilliard had more than doubled its 1960 land area through annexation.
  • The population of Hilliard in the year 2000 was 24,230.